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December 2010   

In full compliance with our continuous pursuit of the best possible service to our clients and partners, Vanbreda International has intensively been working on the extension of its outpatient direct payment network. The focus of our direct payment network today mainly is on Africa and Asia but it will be extended to other continents as well.

This strategy is meant to give peace of mind to both medical service providers and our plan members. The former to treat Vanbreda International plan members with the guarantee that the expenses incurred will be paid, the latter knowing that getting better is all they have to worry about.
In support of a swift invoice payment, an outpatient provider claim form has now been created. You are welcome to fill it in yourself (with our plan member’s written consent) and to claim from our company direct payment of your outpatient invoices.

Vanbreda International is continuously working on the extension and maintenance of its worldwide network of medical service providers. Currently we have a network of +10,000 medical service providers across the globe ensuring easy access to quality health care to our plan members wherever they are. Every day we process more than 15,000 medical invoices. On a yearly basis these invoices total more than 410 million EUR or 610 million USD in reimbursements.

November 2010   

We have developed additional communication tools to even improve our current service level to our plan members and, hence, to you as a medical service providers. Serving the same purpose, some other, existing items have totally been restyled.

Our information brochure gives more details on our services and how we make sure that you will benefit from the seamless settlement of the invoices for our plan members’ treatment. Our direct payment of your invoices will be effected within ten working days following their receipt if all conditions for it (eligibility confirmed, cover for treatment involved checked and approved, etc) are met.

We noticed that our plan members are not always aware that you are part of the Vanbreda International worldwide network of medical service providers. Consequently, they are not aware of the advantages and services, e.g. direct payment of their expenses, this partnership holds.
If you use our unmistakable stickers, they will immediately recognise you as our partner.

Furthermore we made a clear description of our direct payment procedure available to the medical service providers in our network. Following the steps described will guarantee smooth direct payment of our plan members’ medical expenses by Vanbreda International .

Our Intake Guide gives you an overview of our administrative and financial procedures, including our brand-new direct payment services for outpatient care.

Finally, you are invited to keep our contact sheet at hand so that we can help you in the most efficient manner whenever you contact us.

September 2009   

These past months Vanbreda International has visited providers in Sri Lanka, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Lebanon, Jordan, the Philippines, Russia, Greece, Macedonia and Kosovo.  In the following weeks and months, more visits are scheduled to London, Switzerland, Italy, Paris, Turkey, Egypt, Luxemburg and Greece.  Besides concluding new agreements and discussing existing working relations and conditions, the purpose of these visits is very useful to get acquainted with the local situation.  Moreover, the personal contact with the medical service providers is a factor which should not be underestimated.

March 2009   

Vanbreda International has appointed Joris Smets as the new Head of its Provider Relations department

Joris will become responsible for managing, extending and improving the company’s network of in- and outpatient health care providers. He will continue to raise the company’s awareness with in-network as well as out-of-network providers and will focus on optimising its network by constantly adapting it to the needs of existing and new clients. Through its proprietary network of health care providers Vanbreda International offers health insurance plan members an easy, hassle free and affordable access to quality health care worldwide.

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January 2009   

During the last months of last year, Vanbreda International representatives have visited providers in several countries worldwide, i.e. Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, the Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique and Swaziland.  Each time, Vanbreda International was warmly welcomed and the meetings were very constructive for all parties involved.


New agreements were concluded and existing agreements were renewed with providers in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast and Western Asia, Europe and Latin America.


We were happy to receive New Year’s wishes from medical service providers all over the world and look forward to another fruitful and successful working year.

October 2008   

These past summer months, Vanbreda International has been active in developing new working relations with more than 200 medical service providers worldwide.  Providers in Sarajevo, ViennaMiddle East, India, Brazil and Central America were visited and new or existing working relations were tied up.

In Vienna, Vanbreda International developed a network of out-patient medical service providers who will offer preferential rates and discounts to our health plan participants.  This new network was positively welcomed by our clients in that area.

For the fall, providers in the Netherlands, Turkey, Hungary, UKLebanon, Jordan, Uganda, Tanzania and the South African region may expect a visit from a Vanbreda International representative.


April 2008   

During the first months of the year, Vanbreda International visited medical service providers in Rome (Italy), London (United Kingdom), KenyaUgandaRwandaEthiopia, Luxemburg, Manilla (the Philippines)Bangkok (Thailand), Cairo (Egypt), The Hague (the Netherlands) and Vienna (Austria). These numerous visits show our great interest in improving our working relation with the medical service providers of our worldwide network and in starting a collaboration with new medical service providers.


In April, Vanbreda International attends the Annual World Health Tourism Congress in Spain.


In the first three months of the year, agreements with nearly 100 medical service providers were signed or renewed.

February 2008   

We have rolled into the New Year for a couple of weeks now and very much enjoyed receiving Season’s Greetings and New Year’s wishes from all corners of the world.


Last year, we set up agreements or renewed the existing collaboration with nearly 1400 medical service providers worldwide.  Obviously, we continue to work on the improvement of our network in the current year.


In January Vanbreda International visited medical service providers in Rome, LondonLuxemburg, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.  In the coming weeks visits to Bangkok, Thailand and Manila, Philippines are scheduled.

December 2007   

The last quarter of the year, more than 170 medical service providers agreed on a closer collaboration with Vanbreda International.


In December visits to medical service providers in London, Vienna and Morocco are scheduled.


Vanbreda International would like to take this opportunity to thank its accredited medical service providers for another year of great collaboration and sends to all of you its best wishes for a joyful Holiday Season.

October 2007   

During the months of August and September, 61 new medical service providers were welcomed in our worldwide medical service provider’s network.


In September meetings with medical service providers in India and The Hague,
The Netherlands, were organized.

This fall, Vanbreda International will visit medical service providers in
Copenhagen, Denmark; Nairobi, Kenya; and Jakarta, Bogor and Yogjakarta, Indonesia.  In November a visit to providers in Chile, Mexico and Peru is scheduled.

August 2007   

In June, Vanbreda International travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo to visit medical service providers and to establish direct payment agreements.

Vanbreda International will attend Hospital Management Asia in Pattaya, Thailand, on 30 and 31 August. 
Vanbreda will also seize this opportunity to visit medical service providers in Bangkok, Thailand.

Early September, hospitals in Kathmandu, Nepal, will be visited.


Last June and July, 188 new medical service providers joined our worldwide network.  These providers are located in Africa, South-East Asia, Western Asia, Middle East, Europe and Latin America.

May 2007   

104 new medical service providers from all over the world and 220 consultants of the UK joined Vanbreda’s international network during the months of March and April 2007.


In April, Vanbreda has visited several hospitals and other medical service providers in Kenya to evaluate the collaboration.


This month Vanbreda’s Provider Relations department is travelling to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Costa Rica and Guatemala to visit providers and conclude direct payment agreements.

March 2007   

During the first two months of the year, more than 110 medical service providers in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America joined Vanbreda’s international network of accredited providers.  In addition, more than 110 consultants of the United Kingdom agreed on a collaboration with Vanbreda International.


Vanbreda travelled to Rome, Italy and Geneva, Switzerland to visit medical service providers.  In the course of this month a visit to providers in Warsaw, Poland, is scheduled. 


Between 23 and 26 March Vanbreda will be present at the World Health Tourism Congress in Cyprus.


January 2007   

From all over the world we have received nice Christmas cards and New Year’s wishes and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and wish you the very best for the New Year.


The past year was very successful as 1670 medical service providers joined our worldwide network.  Last year we have been focussing on the extension of our network and in 2007 we will work further on the development of long term working relations with medical service providers.  We will continue to work on the improvement of our network and evaluate the conditions we have with you, providers.


At the end of this month, Vanbreda will organise a conference in Frankfurt, Germany, and invite the medical service providers for a presentation of the Frankfurt-network.


We look forward to another year full of pleasant contacts with you!

November 2006   

During the month of November 41 new medical service providers located in Tanzania, Uganda, Jordan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Serbia, Moldova, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela and Honduras agreed to join Vanbreda’s international network.


Vanbreda travelled to Chile, Mexico, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Russia, London and Munich to meet medical service providers and to discuss a collaboration.


October 2006   

Almost 70 new medical service providers in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Australia joined our worldwide network of medical service providers in September and October and will apply direct payment for all Vanbreda plan members who visit their facility for medical treatment.


Vanbreda has visited hospitals and medical service providers in Nigeria, Ghana, Colombia and the Netherlands to discuss a collaboration.


Vanbreda International will be present on the International Travel Insurance Conference in Prague between 31/10/06 and 03/11/06.  Our Provider Relations Department will participate in the Private Healthcare track panel session on “Cost versus Quality and Global Pricing” on 01/11/06.

On 07/11/06 our Provider Relations Department will join a DRG-Seminar in Köln, Germany.

September 2006   

During the past months Vanbreda International has intensively been working on the expansion of its worldwide network of medical service providers. During the period April - August 2006, nearly 450 providers located all over the world signed the direct payment agreement and became accredited member of Vanbreda's worldwide network.

Several providers in Argentina, Chili, Ecuador, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Togo, Burkina Faso, Kuwait, Italy and France have been visited by Vanbreda International and during each of these visits, Vanbreda was heartily welcomed by you, providers.

Vanbreda International was also present at the Hospital Management Asia Conference in Singapore where delegates of Asia's leading hospitals were present.

A new brochure and promotional material have been developed for your purpose. Also Vanbreda's dedicated provider's webpages have been updated. They are now available in 6 languages and contain all necessary information concerning the direct payment procedure. In addition to this, Vanbreda International foresees the possibility for accredited providers to consult the provider list.

Vanbreda International is proud to announce that for another 21 countries, toll free lines have been installed for providers. Contacting Vanbreda has never been as easy!

Vanbreda International trusts you will be convinced of its efforts to make the collaboration with you, providers, successful in any way. You will be able to follow Vanbreda's activities on a frequent basis and this, from now on, in the language of your preference.

March 31 2006   

This month, again 147 medical service providers located in Tunisia, Guinea Conakry, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Angola, Burundi, Kenya, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, Italy, Serbia & Montenegro, Chile and Brasil have chosen to work more closely with Vanbreda International. We welcome them in our worldwide provider’s network.

March 6 – 7 2006   

Vanbreda International had a meeting with the medical service providers of the Tunis network in Tunis, Tunisia.

March 1 2006   

Last February, 128 providers located in Libya, Angola, Zambia, Malawi, Israel, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Chile, Brasil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Dominican Republic and Guatemala signed the direct payment agreement and are now member of our worldwide network of accredited providers.

February 19 – March 12 2006   

Vanbreda International visited medical service providers in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon.

February 3, 2006   Last month, we welcomed 14 new medical service providers located in Libya, Lesotho, Tanzania, Syria, Indonesia, Philippines, Switzerland, Serbia & Montenegro, Poland, Romania and Chili. They all joined our worldwide network of accredited providers. We look forward to a longstanding working relation with them.

January 31 – February 3, 2006   This week Vanbreda International visited network hospitals in Rome for the renewal of their longstanding agreements and to introduce the representatives of their Rome based office.

December 30, 2005   During the month of December, 26 medical service providers located in India, Turkey, Libya, Bolivia, Syria, El Salvador, Papua New Guinea, Bolivia, Lesotho, Sudan, Lithuania, Argentina, Yemen, Senegal, Mozambique, Kosovo, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore and Kenia joined our worldwide network of accredited providers. We look forward to a prosperous working relation with them.

November 22, 2005   Vanbreda International will visit hospitals in London.

November 16 - 17, 2005   VBI will visit several medical providers in Serbia.

November 14 - 15, 2005   VBI will visit several medical providers in Macedonia.

November 7, 2005   We welcome 28 new medical service providers located in Trinidad & Tobago, the United Kingdom, India, Niger, Gabon, Morocco, Turkey, Togo, Pakistan, Peru, Panama, Senegal, Colombia, Macedonia, Albania, Burkina Faso, Reunion, the Philippines and Cambodia.

November 2 – 4, 2005   Vanbreda will attend the MCC Health World 2006 Congress in Köln, Germany.

October 3, 2005   This past month, we welcomed 38 medical service providers from Thailand, Malawi, Zambia, Panama, Angola, Cameroon, The Netherlands, Ethiopia, D.R. Congo, Spain, Somalia, Russian Federation, Myanmar, Brasil, Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Peru, Jordan, Lebanon and the U.A.E. in our worldwide network.

September 26 – October 5, 2005   Vanbreda International will visit several medical providers in Cambodia and the Philippines.

September 29 – 30, 2005   Vanbreda International will attend the Hospital Management Asia conference organised by the Asian Hospital Federation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

September 25 – 27, 2005   Vanbreda International Provider Relations Department will be present at the Healthcare Across Borders IV Conference in Frankfurt, Germany.

September 20 – 22, 2005   Vanbreda International Providers Relations Department will be present at the 34th IHF Congress in Nice, France.